Leng Yue’s first appearance is impressively five crowns, five crowns and fifty-five levels of magic, which shows her genius. Ji Dong still clearly remembers her control of magic when she first met Leng Yue.
Generally, the magic armor equipment of the four crowns strength department is uniform and almost perfectly matched with the powerful strength of the Yin and Yang School, which is displayed in an instant. The two powerful magic guilds on the rostrum can’t help secretly nodding. It’s really a miracle that the students trained by the First College of Heaven are really extraordinary. It’s such a heavy blow that the Tiangan College can recover like this.
The students of Yin and Yang School released the crowns of Yin and Yang, and at the same time, 30 students from Sun and Moon School of Chihuo College also released their respective crowns of Yin and Yang, which were also 30 crowns of Yin and Yang. But when they released them, almost all the people who supported Ji Dong’s expectation that Ji Dong would bring them another miracle frowned. At this time, Ah Kin had a strong murderous look and his cold eyes were temporarily removed from Chen Sixuan.
There are also 30 students in Chihuo College. Even the common three crowns can be achieved, accounting for half of them, and most of them have just broken through the three crowns. They are all in their early thirties, while the other half still stay in two crowns. The worst one is the magic level, which is only twenty-five.
Seeing the magic level of these blazing college students, Ji Mingxuan couldn’t help but laugh with sarcasm. Do you want to confront our Yin and Yang School with this rubbish? Is Ji Dong’s head burnt out? No wonder he has turned into a white hair. I’d like to see him end up like this.
Seeing Ji Dong students’ rank Ji Changxin and Guan Yin frowning at the same time, Ji Yun-sheng closed his eyes directly, holding his forehead and touching the corners of his mouth. Yao Qian’s eyes widened and Du Xin’s mouth opened in surprise. Ah Kin’s eyes were gloomy and blue. Bao Er was clutching his mouth for fear of exclaiming that there was a puzzled look in Reddy Frey’s eyes. If there was only one person who supported Ji Dong’s look, it would belong to the fate of the wolf, because some people in the place had actually seen the blazing fire college, and the strength of these students was also his real white. It is not known who will die in this competition
Both sides released Yin and Yang Mian at the same time, and the suppression of the five elements of the earth spread all over the field, which has firmly suppressed the students of Chihuo College. They are not strong in magic, so the powerful suppression of the head of Yin and Yang Mian is even slightly trembling, let alone starting work. It seems that it is hard to say whether they can suppress the large array of three elements of Yin and Yang School and continue to stabilize their figure.
Leng Yue Yin and Yang School Chief, she didn’t intend to attack because she felt that these opponents could not resist an attack on their side! After years of research, the Yin-Yang School’s five-element suppression array is not finished. It can keep the five-element suppression and attack the opponent at the same time, showing an absolute overwhelming advantage in front of everyone.
But at this time, Ji Dong made a puzzling move. His right hand inched and pulled the edge of Chen Sixuan’s left hand. At this time, they were like a couple holding hands with each other.
Ji Dong could feel Chen Sixuan’s hand shaking slightly for a moment. She had held her hand tightly and their souls were integrated in this instant.
Ji Dong’s eyes have turned silver.
Sitting in the central position of the podium, Ji Chang moved in confidence and glanced at his wife around him. Both of them saw each other in the eyes, and there were also them in the crowd. At this moment, they could feel how horrible Ji Dong released the spirit.
When former Ji Dong arrived at the Magic Masters Guild, his spirit had once been confronted by Ji Changxin and his wife. Ji Changxin had already felt that the great-great grandson’s soul was even more powerful than him. But at that time, although Ji Dong’s soul was strong, Ji Changxin could realize that it was impossible to compare with the soul of his husband and wife in the realm. But at this moment, Ji Dong gave them a feeling that it was another level. When he pulled Chen Sixuan’s hand, even Ji Changxin immediately felt a breath. It is the second time that Ji Changxin has felt this huge pressure of self-control and resistance since he entered the realm of nine crowns and became a strong man, and once he was faced with Wan Lei’s prison robbery.
It is true that the mental coercion released by Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan after the alliance is not enough to compare with Wan Lei’s prison robbery, but that is definitely not the realm that the strong can reach.
At this moment, Ji Changxin understood himself. It seems to him that Ji Dong, with these low-level students, wants to defeat Yin and Yang School. The only way is to directly suppress Yin and Yang School students with his own soul force of the earth, so that they can resist the battle. Naturally, it is absolutely impossible to stop the three large arrays here in Yin and Yang School. But what’s the point of doing so? Yes, do you want to fight with Tiangan College?
Ji Mingxuan, dean of Tiangan College, also felt something wrong. Although he did not reach the level of respecting the strong, he did feel the spirit of Ji Dong, but he could also vaguely feel that Ji Dong was different at this time.
That special temperament is beyond his imagination.
Suddenly Ji Changxin’s eyes froze because he clearly felt that Ji Dong did not release his soul force of the earth, but instead converged and enveloped his students like a thread.
What can soul force do to your opponent and to your own people? Enhance your fighting spirit? What’s the difference between strength and fighting spirit?
For a moment, Ji Dong gave the answer and listened to his "five-element rotation cycle"
Thirty students from Chihuo College formed six small arrays and spun up quickly. Every student’s footsteps seemed to be the same, and they moved strangely faster than this moment. It seemed that all the students moved rapidly, and the audience seemed to see six auras appearing on the playground. Chapter 300 Miracle was born. Magic array.
That’s right, there are six auras, and six auras are composed of five colors. Every student of Chihuo College is doing the simplest thing in advance. Ji Dong’s soul force has penetrated through each of them. Everyone can feel the instructions handed by Ji Dong most directly and clearly. Ji Dong’s spirit has completed their eyes in an instant.
With the footsteps moving, they move so neatly. Ji Dong directs them to merge into a whole. The five elements of wood fire, fire, earth, earth, gold, water and aquatic wood are generated in an instant. The left arm of the person in front of each other is the six auras that form the dazzling chair brilliance and the magic that dramatically increases every cycle. The feeling of being suppressed by the face has become overwhelming.
Opposite Leng Yue, in the heart, she suddenly felt that she was not facing thirty people, but six people, and each of them had yin or yang attributes. The five-line suppression they released had already suppressed these universal magic ten levels lower than them.
What’s going on here? What array is this? The same two questions appear in almost everyone’s mind.
Huang Lixin is in charge of the Yin and Yang School. Seeing each other’s changes here, he was also taken aback and quickly shouted "What are you waiting for?"
Thirty students of Yin and Yang School moved three large arrays of five elements and acted at the same time. Two large arrays of five elements were led by Zhu Gui and Bi Su and scattered to both sides respectively. The large array of five elements in the central Leng Yue formed a semi-encirclement potential, which was close to that. Every student of Yin and Yang School quickly adjusted his magic team battle drills. They don’t know how many times they had to do this. Although it is impossible for them to achieve ten combinations of skills, it is a problem for them to have two pairs of yin and yang with the same attributes. Each large array outputs five rays at the same time, and a total of fifteen yin and yang are output. Long-range attack with double combination skills goes straight to the blazing fire college. One of the six five-element mutual circulation arrays is not as good as breaking the enemy. The situation of double combination skills of Yin and Yang is extremely sharp.
Seeing 15 mixed colored lights in the middle school made 15 ripples in the air, and after the magic output, it produced great pressure, which made the whole playground bring a ripple.
Ji Dong’s eyes were flashing with silver light, and the other side attacked for a moment. The five-line rotation on this side of the blazing college has been completed. Six groups of students have stepped on their feet, and a rotating soil student has reached a positive moment. Three Huang San gray six Zhan Ran brilliance shoots out at the same time, and the goal is not to attack the enemy but to defend.
Three yellow, three gray respectively after their fusion and then collided with one point, a yellow-gray two-color mask with a diameter of 10 meters suddenly appeared and was attacked. A group of students had been bombarded with fifteen colored lights in front of them almost in no particular order.
The podium, Ji Mingxuan, smiled at the blow, which was enough to decide the outcome. The difference in magic power was so wide that both sides had magic armor. The students of Yin and Yang School offered multiple double combination skills, and there was absolutely no half of it. How could these students stop it? If you don’t talk about weight trauma, you will definitely lose your fighting ability.
But just a second later, Ji Mingxuan’s smile froze his face. Everyone on the rostrum, including Ji Changxin and Guan Yin, got up almost at the same time.
Violent roar The center of the playground is full of various attributes, and the center of the playground is full of magic turbulence. The strong magic fluctuation goes straight to the high and scattered, and the shock wave is weakened, and it is blocked by the soldiers of the Diamond Corps.
And Ji mingxuan have the same idea, but the battle is not over.