11517252532523! Just the attack of the first five styles with double swords and nine swords alone directly reduced Coca-Cola’s health! Therefore, the sixth sword has not yet pierced the armor of the ice god. Coca-Cola is dead!
"Ice God’s armor defense is really good. My high attack and supercilious look double the effect. The first attack was only 1100 damage!" Looking at the death on the ground, Coca-Cola eats the gods and has to admire the armor that it just released! After all, the defense effect is so amazing that it can be said that it is unprecedented!
Ding! Coca-cola, the champion of the first challenge, VS the champion of the fifth challenge! In the fifth ring, the champion eats God to win! 》
Ding! Take a five-minute break! Five minutes later, the 19th final of Tianjing Competition will be held-Qinglong, the champion of the third challenge, VS Fairy Sword, the champion of the seventh challenge! Ding dong! There will be four battles today, and there are still two left, Qinglong VS Forever Fairy Sword; Dragon soul VS death spokesman! 》
Coke with ice is a feast for the eyes of the players in the ring!
However, the next two battles surprised the players in the ring! Because Qinglong VS Forever Fairy Sword did not appear in the end; Yu Long Soul VS Death Spokesperson That’s even simpler. Death Spokesperson directly admits defeat!
Therefore, today’s competitive ring battle ended in surprise!
Ding dong! The four battles held today are now over, and it will be the record of the champion in each ring. Players check it out! 》
Final record of competitive league in days.
The champion of the first challenge-Coca-Cola wins 5 losses.
The champion of the second challenge-Rose Purple 2 wins and 3 losses
The champion of the third challenge-Qinglong 4 wins and 1 loss
The champion of the fourth challenge-Dragon Soul 4 wins and 1 loss.
The champion of the fifth challenge-God Eaters 4 wins and 1 loss.
The champion of the sixth challenge-Aino Mina won 4 wins and lost 1.
The champion of the seventh challenge-Forever Fairy Sword, 1 win and 4 losses
The champion of the first challenge-the spokesman of death won 1 and lost 4.
At present, the first place in the Tian Athletic League is tied for the top four: Qinglong, Dragon Soul, Bite God and Aino Mina!
"Japan is still four battles! separately
Coca-cola in the first challenge VS immortal sword in the seventh challenge!
The second ring champion rose purple VS the fifth ring champion eats God!
The third challenge champion Qinglong VS the first challenge champion death spokesperson!
Dragon Soul in the Fourth Challenge VS Love Kono Mina in the Sixth Challenge!
Please continue to buy tickets to watch the wonderful matchup! 》
God, the battle in the competitive ring is nearing the end! But the battle for the first throne is extremely fierce!
Dragon, dragon soul, god eater, love wild Mina!
The four masters are tied!
Who wins and who loses World War I is important! After all, the two powerful people who can win the final throne will meet head-on in the fourth battle! One of them can go on!
Is the Avenger Dragon Soul able to win or is it the one who owns the world-destroying deity, Aino Mina?
Chapter one hundred and ninety Crystal Crysal upgrade brigade (4)
Today, the competitive league has ended, and the dragon soul has pulled up the sleeping crystal Crysal to upgrade again! Of course, their destination this time is still lion camel ridge! After all, the strange experience there is good, and with a large number, the upgrade is naturally very fast!
At this time, of course, the dragon soul has also heard that God and others are going to the dark temple! But he also complained! After all, I loved gold coins and did the right thing! Moreover, it is also very reassuring to have a dragon soul to lead the team!
"Four spirit god beast called east black dragon! 」
At the moment, while no one is around, the dragon soul will directly release the Four Spirit God Beasts and summon East black dragon to see how powerful this unique skill is! Therefore, through the secret method to summon the Oriental dragon to appear, it directly rushed into the sky and launched the Rowen!
"Human players long time no see? I can’t believe you summoned me so soon! " East black dragon’s mouth! But what surprised the dragon soul was that the sound was so familiar! But I can’t remember it! Hmm? Don’t … Is it?
The dragon soul suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help looking at the dragon head in surprise!
"Yes, that’s me! In the mysterious cave, I will give you the call formula of East black dragon! " East black dragon smiled and said, "I am a skill type, and you can only see through me in sharingan!"! After all, my body is just a skill. If I can see through it? "
Sharingan, who has no body and soul, can’t see through it even if he wants to!
"No wonder! I said that sharingan would not see it if he tried everything! " The dragon soul left the pie mouth and looked at the dragon in front and said slowly, "but I want to know if you have fighting capacity?" There is also the Xuanwu beast is a combined skill. Xuanwu turtle suction method. So what combination skills do you have for the head of the four-spirit beast in East black dragon? "
Xuanwu beast Xuanwu turtle suction method!
This is a skill that makes the dragon’s soul greedy!
Think about it. Rose Purple’s acquisition of this skill is enough to force Aino Mina to release the most powerful attack and despise the statue! If your four-spirit beast summons East black dragon to have similar combination skills, the chances of winning the Japanese showdown against Aino Mina will increase rapidly!
"Combination skills? There are so two! However! " East black dragon left eye dragon soul lightly said "one of the skills you already have! That is, the dragon transformation skill can greatly increase your defense health and the body surface has a rebound effect of 35%! "
"What about the second skill?"
The first dragon transformation skill was almost ignored by the dragon soul! This auxiliary skill is not what he wants!
"The second combination skill is dragons and tigers! It is only when the dragons and tigers are together and released at the same time that it is possible to stimulate the attack on the Italian dragons and tigers! " East black dragon said slowly, "But you don’t know this combination of skills!"
Dragon soul is more fluent in the second skill!
Long yinhu Xiao!