Ximen Chuixue nodded "yes"
Si Nian frowned. "Do you think I can do it?"
Ximen Chuixue nodded, "I think you can do it."
Si Nian said, "What if I don’t promise?"
Ximen Chuixue said, "Just take my three moves."
Si Nian was dazed and asked, "Your sword?"
Ximen Chuixue said "sword of course"
Si Nian smiled bitterly. "Have you ever drawn a sword but never killed anyone?"
Ximen Chuixue coldly said "no"
"Then I’ll go …" Si Nian’s calm face seems to have a trace of nai.
Ximen Chuixue slowly turned around and stepped on the roof. "Seven days later, Master Bitter Melon outside the South Gate of Suzhou.
Si Nian stared indifferently at the direction of the disappearing white figure and couldn’t help shaking his head and smiling, then sitting and closing his eyes for self-study.
Incense was burning in the meditation room, and the whole building was bathed in incense and sat still waiting.
If you want to taste the vegetarian diet cooked by Master Bitter Melon, you should not only bathe in incense, but also be patient. Master Bitter Melon is not easy to cook. It is not only necessary for people to be right, but also for him to be happy. Today, people are right. Besides the flowers are full, there are Gu Song lay people in Huangshan and the third Taoist who is known as the first poem, wine, sword and sword of Go.
Of course, these people are not common people. Master Momordica Charantia is also very happy today. When Qingyue finally came in the twilight, the night bell was full of flowers. When Gu Song Jutu and Taoist priest went out, they were already waiting for him in the courtyard. The evening breeze blew through the bamboo forest and the summer heat had already been isolated from the world of mortals.
Flowers filled the floor and smiled, "It’s really a shame to ask two seniors to wait here."
The Taoist priest smiled. The Wudang elder, who was always unkempt, even took off his patched robe at the moment and changed it into a spotless blue shirt.
Just don’t want to be bound, he would rather not be the leader of Wudang, but he will be wronged if he wants to taste the bitter gourd master Su Zhai.
Everyone knows that Master Bitter Melon has a strange temper.
Gu Song lay man sighed, "It seems that you are not wrong about this road."
Hua Manlou said, "What did the Taoist priest say?"
The Taoist priest laughed. "I said you must know that we are here, even if we don’t move, you still know!" "
Gu Song lay man sighed, "But I still can’t figure out how he knew?"
The Taoist priest said, "I can’t think of it either, but I can’t compete with you."
Gu Song said, "What are the benefits?"
The Taoist priest smiled and said, "I will never think about it if I can’t think of an accident!"
Gu Song layman also smiled, "So I always say that if you don’t drink, you will live to be 300 years old!"
The Taoist priest said, "If I don’t have wine to drink, why should I live to be 300 years old?"
In the meditation room, the bamboo curtain hangs low, and you can smell a burst of aroma through the bamboo curtain enough to arouse people’s appetite.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Gu Song lay man sighed, "Master Bitter Melon’s vegetarian meal is really a double day."
The Taoist priest laughed. "He always said that even if the Bodhisattva smells it, he will be moved."
Gu Song said, "It seems that the food is served now. What are we waiting for?"
They lifted the bamboo curtain and went in. Suddenly, they were shocked that the food had not only set the table, but also someone was sitting there with a big meal.
The uninvited guest didn’t wait for the fact that they didn’t have incense or bath. This person is not only mud but also sweaty. The master of bitter gourd didn’t kick him out, but he was still picking up vegetables for him, as if afraid that he wouldn’t eat fast enough.
The Taoist priest sighed, "This monk is eccentric."
Gu Song said, "He invited us but let others eat first."
The Taoist priest said, "He insisted that we go to incense and bathe, but this man seems to have just rolled out of the mud!"
Master Bitter Melon laughed. "The monk is really partial, but he is only partial to him. You are not angry."