The people were naturally excited and found that their scene suddenly changed and they came to a towering mountain.
"This is the highest mountain in hades. Is Soderek Mountain a little similar to Shenshen Mountain? Hey, hey, but this mountain is not as troublesome as Shenshen Mountain. There is only one BOSS in this mountain, and one of them is suppressed here. So I don’t know who suppressed him. These are all challenges that you may face in the future. The seven gods of hades are not simple people. They are the most powerful warriors in this world."
God-eating, they’re blindsided. It takes a mountain to suppress the monster darling. You can imagine how powerful it is
But they haven’t been given enough time to think about it. At this time, the scene changes here. The old man took them to move the place again. This time, their place came to a sparkling river. At this time, they used to take water together in Longxi, a hell prison. The peerless daddy and the god eater can’t help but sigh that the same place is the undead. Look at this beautiful river in front of us. Although there is no sunshine, the lake is still sparkling. But what is the prison Longxi? ? ? "Don’t go near the water!" The old man suddenly stopped Coca-Cola from moving. When Coca-Cola saw such a beautiful river, he couldn’t help but want to get close to it, but the old man quickly pulled him away.
"You don’t want to die. This river has a strong corrosive ability and can instantly turn you to ashes. If you don’t believe me, you can try." The old man taught that Coca-Cola swallowed water and remembered poisonous mushrooms with beautiful spots.
"Unfortunately, there is also a powerful BOSS sealed here, and it is also one of the seven generals of Hades, and the strength will never be in the face. By the way, seven BOSS are in charge of seven kinds of forces, so don’t make a wild guess. The strength will definitely be very different from that of your century. Otherwise, what do you need new equipment for? ? ?” The old man’s eyes showed a mocking look, and he was comparing the strength of the human world a little. The beautiful daddy and Qinglong showed a mocking look.
"Dad coordinates can remember here? ? ? When the time comes, we must think they are one step ahead. "God-eating mouth proofreads the peerless daddy mutters, and at the same time, we are cautious in doing things. God-eating is afraid that peerless daddy will make mistakes, and we also recorded a copy. Meanwhile, Qinglong and Coca-Cola also made a few people smile at each other, which is really a tacit understanding. So when the new deputy comes through, they can find here before other players. Hey, this is called winning at the starting line.
Before the discussion on YD plan was over, the old man, a less qualified tour guide, took them to another place.
"Old man, where is this? You old man won’t lie to us. You want to fool us into such a dark place and make us silly." Qinglong shouted loudly. This time, they actually appeared in a vast darkness, where everyone lost their sight and seemed to be slowly depressed in this darkness.
Tsing lung helps to reach out around to touch someone’s shoulder or clothes, but there is no companion sound in such a quiet environment.
Suddenly Qinglong felt that his feet slipped and his body lost its center of gravity. His body gradually fell backwards. He felt a hole behind him? ? ?
Chapter one hundred and twenty New vice (3)
"Don’t be desperate! If you fall into the dark abyss, you can’t think of it." When the old man appeared, he pulled the hand of Qinglong and let it fall. Qinglong breathed a sigh of relief, but he still didn’t regain his sight. Although he could hear the old man’s voice, he still couldn’t see where the old man was.
"Darkness here can absorb light and has an excellent appetite. How much darkness will be brewed with as much light as possible." The old man’s voice is surrounded by Qinglong’s ears, but no matter how hard Qinglong tries, he still can’t find the trace of the old man
"I’m by your side. Ah, you’re not in hades yet. You don’t have the vision of hades." The old man seemed to see Qinglong’s confusion, but it seemed to him that he was not alone.
"You are wrong here. BOSS is not sealed in the dark abyss, but in the air here. Hey, hey, do you feel horrible? It is this close contact feeling of BOSS that is the most real hey." The old man seems to be answering someone’s questions, but Qinglong can’t hear the voice.
"Well, after visiting here, I think we should change places again. To tell you the truth, it’s really not a satisfactory job to show you around. ? ?” The old man is really long-winded. Let him take the road with so much nonsense. At this moment, everyone suddenly came in front of a huge tower, and a burst of purple fog wrapped around the huge tower. Yi Long Xiao penetrated the eardrum of everyone and entered everyone’s ears
"What’s that?" The old man, who was deaf by the strong sound and covered his ears with divine power, was enjoying himself and didn’t answer, "The roaring dragon roared, but it wasn’t sealed by the BOSS certificate."
Suddenly Coca-Cola made a strange call, and everyone turned to him. Coca-Cola looked incredulous and said, "The peerless daddy is gone? ? ?”
The beautiful daddy looked around with a blank face. Since just now, he has never heard the voices of the people, nor can he touch them. The beautiful daddy can walk around with his own feelings, but no matter how he walks or shouts, it seems that he is left all around.
His first impression was that the old man must have cheated him. He wanted to talk in secret to join the gods, but they even used the secret chat channel.
Just as the peerless daddy was so angry that he couldn’t find a way to vent his anger, an unusually cold voice came into his ear. "It’s your honor to be chosen by me to let you stay. What else can you feel angry about?"
The peerless dad suddenly froze. He couldn’t think that there would be such a sound in this environment, but he still tried to suppress the negative emotions in his heart and deliberately asked, "Who are you?"
"Just now, you also heard that the seven-yuan ghost of Hades will have a dollar here. It’s a pity that I am." The sound with a little chat mood made him lose some ferocious and let the peerless dad’s guard down a lot.
"That you that you just said what selected me? ? ?” The peerless daddy continued to shout at the darkness. This time, his voice became louder and bolder.
"Do you think I am willing to choose you as a light priest to untie my seal?" The voice said lazily, "But just now, you made the magic of lighting up and releasing light, but you sealed me abruptly."
This peerless daddy seems depressed. Light magic actually helped this guy solve the seal. While he was contemplating the pros and cons in his heart, the sound said again, "Oh, I think I’m going to choose you and give you strength. I’m really unwilling to say."
The peerless dad couldn’t help feeling a little upset, and he thought angrily that he would seal you up with good intentions or give you something to thank, but I suddenly remembered that the old man’s tour guide had said that it was just a blueprint and there were still many places to be improved, and I couldn’t help but wonder that my good luck could not come so soon.
"Hey, I can see what you think." The voice interrupted the thoughts of the peerless dad and then continued his trademark lazy voice. "It is said that although this is a blueprint, it is close to the final stage and there are some settings in it. For example, we have already decided on the settings in GREAT GHOST, and it is impossible to change them. If we meet the right time, we can choose whether to appear or not. Otherwise, how can we say that you are so honored?"
These beautiful dads can rest assured that it’s really a trip to hit five million lottery tickets (if it really hits five million, it’s estimated that it will be smashed to death). The beautiful dads will be elated at once, and the troubles of being separated will suddenly disappear.
"You this guy is fickle? ? ?” That sound is very eloquent, saying, "Since we all know each other, there is no need for me to dwell on anything. Let’s finish the last step of integration."
Beautiful dad was suddenly startled "fusion what is this? Is there one more you in my body? "
"Don’t worry, because the vice hasn’t released me, I won’t appear for the time being. I will sleep in your body until the vice is released, but even if the vice is released, you still have the ability to make me in this vice or at the right time." The voice jokingly said that the beautiful dad’s face sank slightly
"Mouth said that you have what bad place? ?” Beautiful dad suddenly recovered his spirit and said to the sound
"Hades seven will each be in charge of a hades power I am in charge of is dark, that is, you want to oppose the power of light. Maybe this is fate. I want to? ? ?” The sound gradually dropped, but the peerless dad obviously didn’t think it was a problem and then asked, "So this guy won’t hinder my light magic luck?"
"It’s up to you. If you have strong manipulation ability, you can make your light magic stronger. Similarly, if you have dark power, it will make your dark power stronger. It’s up to you." That sound came again, and the beautiful dad felt as if he had touched a little fur
"I think your question is almost the same. Anyway, there are many opportunities in the future. You can ask me at any time. Of course, don’t ask me when I have a spring dream." The sound is that the peerless daddy has stopped saying anything. Listening to his tone has a very obvious meaning of ending this.
"Well," peerless dad secretly swallowed and closed his eyes "? ? ?”
A cold feeling entered his body from his head. Although this feeling was not painful, there was a sense of inexplicable satisfaction. The cold thing entered her body smoothly, and there was a burning force in her chest. The two forces were very different. Dad knew very well that this was the result of the collision between his own light power and his own dark power.
It seems that no one wants to retreat from the two forces. The peerless dad gradually feels that his body is a little overwhelmed, but the two forces are still entangled with each other. The peerless dad suddenly feels an anger. This is my own body. How did you get wild in it?
With the outbreak of the peerless daddy, the two forces retreated from each other and gradually turned into a fusion. The peerless daddy felt unprecedented pleasure. He knew that his light power and dark power had been successfully combined.