Watching all this nervously, the boss of Guanyuelou Martial Arts Field seems to have predicted the disadvantages of those sparring partners, as well as the fact that he can avoid those people’s attacks unscathed.
At this moment, the martial arts field is surrounded by 49 sparring partners in turn. It can be described as treading on thin ice, which is surrounded by dangers. It is a little difficult to fight back and even evade.
Even if the speed of love moves at 5 mph, it seems that those sparring partners are all well-trained professional killers.
Mengxi people are even more ancient warriors of the earth, who can easily wield a hundred-pound heavy knife and are really shocked by their punching efforts.
When people look at these, they exclaim that they are in a frenzy, and the objects they support are the same.
Looking at these, Han Yu, the great grandfather of the Dragon Blood Empire, suddenly waved to the boss of the martial arts field and said something with laughter.
The boss looked ecstatic,
After Han Yu explained everything, the boss finally straightened up, picked up the receiver and drank a "wonderful, really wonderful, the king of heroes is really extraordinary, and it has never happened that he can hurt the attacker unscathed in ten minutes and practice martial arts in our border town."
As soon as this statement came out, the people in the stands were enjoying the wonderful fighting in the martial arts field, but at the same time they cheered wildly for their supporters.
They all enjoyed a wonderful fight,
Love is not only like a clever monkey, but also like a fierce lone wolf.
Seeing that everyone was in high spirits, the owner of the martial arts field was particularly satisfied with this. He just laughed and said, "Today is really a special day, not only welcoming the king of heroes as our main attacker, but also welcoming the noble great grandfather of the Dragon Blood Empire. Just now, the great grandfather said that he hopes to play a gambling game with you."
"Gambling game,"
When people in the stands heard this, they all came to silence, which was very strange to them.
But the owner of the martial arts field said with a heavy face, "This gambling game is to gamble whether the attacker wins or the sparring partner wins. The minimum bet is 10,000 gold coins. The more you throw, the more you earn. If you are interested in taking part in gambling games, please prepare your gold coins and put them in the hands of the students we invited to participate in gambling games. Students will give you a number plate. No.1 is to throw the attacker to win, and No.2 is to throw the sparring partner to win.
With that, the students have gone to the stands to invite guests to participate in the gambling game.
Guests have joined the game one after another, and if they are unwilling to join, they will be defeated by strangers in a few words.
Such activities set off a frenzy in the stands of the training ground, and few people would pay attention to the struggle between the two sides.
But neither side dares to slack off,
In just three minutes, Qing has avoided hundreds of heavy punches by his own clever posture, but he didn’t find too many gaps to fight back.
However, just as the struggle between the two sides was heating up, they appeared in the stands of the Flower Building, and there was another ale.
I also saw the ale people.
After the emergence of ale, it was followed by the killing of nine dragons, the killing of Wu Shiyun and the killing of frost.
Finally, Linda, the king of heaven,
Love immediately came in vain. It turned out that Linda had just left, just to find these people to watch the game.
So in that case, we should give them a good show.
Chapter 251 Game over
Love doesn’t want them to see through the real strength, that is, it is extremely vicious, protecting the major points of the body and deliberately slowing down the speed of evasion. As a result, he has been hit by those big men in many places.
The black leather trench coat was pierced with holes by their steel needles and gloves, but not even a drop of blood flowed out.
From a distance, it is really hard to see that some of the steel needles of sparring gloves have been simply broken.
People in the stands are more nervous when they watch this hand-to-hand combat meeting because of the appearance of gambling games.
Especially those who spend a lot of money to participate in gambling, but also screamed at the top of their lungs to cheer on which side.
At that time, the noise of the martial arts field came to the sky.
Ale with sharp mouth and monkey cheeks, his eyes never leave his eyes full of confidence,
Black-headed, dirty-faced, nine-striped dragon, with a dignified face when watching the situation being forced to retreat, made a bold fist and said, "These people are simply too arrogant. It is really bold to openly bully our heroes in our heroes’ site!"
Talking, nine dragons pulled a long beard, which is to prepare to fly into the martial arts field to help.
Linda reacted quickly and grabbed Jiuwen Long’s strong arm, but she was the first to fly into the martial arts field.
The cold wind poured into my ears, and Linda had appeared in the martial arts field.
The people in the stands exclaimed, and some people protested.
They were extremely dissatisfied with Linda’s appearance,
But Linda didn’t really shoot at the martial arts field, but watched the situation and the group of sparring melee at close range.
Seeing that Linda didn’t make a move, the people in the stands finally got a little quiet.
However, when Linda looked at Qing, there was a hint of banter in her beautiful eyes, as if she could come out to watch a good play. Suddenly she shouted at Qing, "Qing, how do you say it, is also one of the four kings of our heroes? Maybe even dozens of small people can’t beat it."
Speaking, Linda has an extra two-meter-long staff in her hand.
The staff waved at a high speed, and thousands of square martial arts venues soon fell into flames.
Seeing this scene, my mood finally became dignified.
He didn’t expect Linda to come up with such a strange trick, which was really surprising.
It is precisely because of this that the boss of the moon-watching building’s martial arts field frowned. Next to the boss, a young man suddenly asked, "Boss, martial arts is forbidden here. Isn’t Linda deliberately making trouble?"
The boss of the martial arts field heard nothing,
However, Han Yu, who was also in the moon-watching building, was more excited about Linda’s sudden appearance. He recklessly grabbed the microphone from the boss of the martial arts field and shouted, "I bet this woman wins."
As soon as this statement came out, the stands fell into a crazy situation again.
"We also blocked Linda from winning."
"Yes, Linda wins."
Another wave of gambling storms hit,
Although Linda broke the rules of the martial arts field, it made the owner of the martial arts field earn a lot of money.
As a result, the boss also smiled.
It was a sudden and secret complaint, and Nai dispersed his extremely vigorous skill, but it was scorched by Linda Zhenwu’s fire wall, and his black windbreaker soon caught fire.
The skin was seared and painful, and the pace became particularly slow. If the heart kept going like this, it would be forced to be extremely angry or burned alive by the Zhenwu fire wall within ten minutes.
Just as I was worried, I suddenly found that those sparring partners had already been burned into "roast suckling pigs" by Zhenwu Fire Wall.
Even the four ancient warriors of Xiangchu Beauty were not lucky enough to be burnt into coke.
Linda finally put away the offensive, looked at the situation coldly, and said coldly, "What time is it now, and you have leisure to come to a place like this?"
Most of the love clothes have been burned, and I walked to Linda half-naked and exposed my skin with extensive burns, but I smiled and said, "Linda, what are you going to do? Can’t I have fun?"
"Ha ha, pastime?"