Dong Laoer wiped a handful of tears and was very moved. "Boss, don’t worry, I will listen to you. Being michel platini is a must. You can’t do it if you don’t want to. You know, when michel platini wants to seal a big red envelope for her adopted daughter, I can still make a fortune!"
"What are you crying for, big masterses? What horse urine! Although we are not in the same team now, I will still be concerned about you. After all, you know what a worrying guy you are! I know all about your bad habits. Get on with your life! " Ye Qing saw Dong Laoer crying and couldn’t help but have some sour nose.
Dong Laoer wiped a tear on his sleeve and nodded, "I know I will change my boss, so I won’t worry about it after you. I’m different from before. I know my responsibilities and I’m a man. I won’t shirk them. It’s you. I know your situation very well. I don’t know if you can handle the boss finally. That ex-boyfriend seems to be a very difficult person to deal with. It’s estimated that it’s hard for you to deal with it alone. Call me if you need it. I may not be able to take it out, but I can take it out. I will
Speaking of this, Dong Laoer poured another glass of wine and took a sip of it himself. Then he said, "When you deal with this matter, don’t do it first. You can’t give it to the other party. In an era when you can solve the problem without fists, if that guy doesn’t fight with you but takes legal measures, it will be very troublesome if you do it first, boss. I know you. You like to talk with fists, but now you are the captain and general manager of the team. You shouldn’t be so reckless!"
Dong Laoer’s remarks can be described as earnest and sincere to Ye Qing, who can realize that he didn’t expect to always be the only one who followed his lead. Now Dong Laoer has persuaded him to make him feel immature.
Dong Laoer makes a lot of sense. He is really a fist speaker. Once he is in charge, he will be unreasonable. He likes to teach each other a lesson. He must beat each other to get rid of his anger. But he feels that he is restrained now. For example, Zhang Xuan hates him so much but doesn’t do it.
Ye Qing was moved by Dong Laoer’s remarks, and a red tear swirled around his eyes. After all, he was a clank-like man. He kept back his tears and poured himself a glass of wine to drink off again and then said, "Brother, I listen to you! Besides my parents and my girlfriend, the best person in my life has you. Thank you for being my brother! "
"Eldest brother is my pleasure to be your brother. Remember that sentence when we were in the dormitory? Win in this life, we lose together, we carry it together! Now this sentence can’t be in the F competition. In life, I win and we are crazy together. If you win, we are also crazy together. I will carry it together regardless of who loses. This is called brother! "
Dong Laoer said that he shed tears again. Ye Qing couldn’t hold back his tears this time, so he slipped down. No matter how badly he was hurt, the tough guy cried like a child at this moment.
On one side, Zhao Junzhu was also infected by them, and her eyes were red. She quickly handed two people paper towels, Ye Qing and Dong Laoer, who raised their cups and cried, "Dry!"
When Dong Laoer and Ye confided that they were brothers, Pearl Krabs and others were walking along the road, saying that they were all girls talking about clothes, jewelry, makeup and bags. Pearl Krabs never found a chance to say that, and when she really faced these two girls, she felt that she couldn’t muster up the courage.
Chapter 993 Sudden abduction
It’s getting dark, and there’s a night wind blowing, and all three people’s hair is blown, and their hair is scattered in the wind. Su Yanbing suddenly started a coffee shop branch again, and Big Honey also became interested. They have been preparing for a long time, but now they are just discussing some details.
Pearl Krabs saw that she didn’t even have a chance to interrupt. She couldn’t help but feel frustrated that she definitely didn’t have a chance to say it today, because in fact, she also felt that today’s opportunity was not particularly good and it was a little too fast. Just saying this with Su Yanbing estimated that both sides would drop to freezing point immediately.
Without courage, she was not in a hurry, and then she asked Dami and Su Yanbing some things about coffee shop management with ease, and occasionally gave some suggestions to make Dami and Su Yanbing pay great attention to them.
After three people strolled in the street for a while, Pearl Krabs decided that he was going home, so the three of them split up Pearl Krabs and took a taxi home alone. Dami and Su Yanbing walked home by car. That night, Pearl Krabs didn’t succeed, but they were already closer.
On the way home, Dami said to Su Yanbing while driving, "Give Ye Qing a message and ask him if he went back to the rental house or your home!"
Su Yanbing nodded and then took out a mobile phone and turned to the address book of Ye Qing’s words number. She didn’t know what it was like to be nervous, and her breathing became a little short. It was probably the thought that Ye Qing might ask for that in the evening. She was very scared and hesitated. After a while, she still dialed Ye Qing’s words.
Ye Qing and Dong Laoer have already drunk about the same. They don’t know how many bottles of beer they have drunk. The bottom of the table is full of bottles. They are already a little Lickitung. They cried before Zhao Junzhu persuaded the two talents to dry their tears and said some normal topics. Otherwise, the two big men have been crying and others will laugh at them when they see it.
Ye Qing had drunk a lot when she received Su Yanbing’s words. She slowly took out her mobile phone from her trouser pocket and picked it up without looking at who was calling. "Hello, who are you looking for?"
"I’m Yan Bing. Where are you now? Did you go home? " Su Yanbing’s pleasant sound made Ye Qing suddenly wake up half drunk and quickly sat up straight and said, "I’m still having dinner with my second child and haven’t come home yet!" "
"You didn’t just eat a meal? How to eat there again? Are you not full with us? " Su Yanbing asked curiously.
"It’s not that I didn’t eat much here. We are all drinking. We two brothers have a lot to talk about when we meet. Without wine, there is no atmosphere! What about you? Have you finished eating? " Ye Qing asked
"Well, we’ve already separated. Honey is in the car. Let me call you and ask you whether to go back to the rental house to sleep tonight or to … go to my house …" Su Yanbing was a little embarrassed when it came to the back, and the sound became very low.
Ye Qing also heard it as soon as he heard it. He didn’t want to be difficult for Su Yanbing. He said to Su Yanbing, "You don’t care about me. Go back to sleep. I’ll go back to the rental house for a while. If I don’t go back, I’ll become a kennel. I don’t know how many cobwebs there are!"
Su Yanbing breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, "Well, drink less and go back to bed early. You have to train tomorrow!"
"I know!" Ye Qing knew that Su Yan Bingxin was very warm in his heart. After hanging up, he said to Dong Laoer, "Let’s drink here today, and then drink again. I’m really drunk. I have to train tomorrow. You know that the team must step up training now, or it will be difficult to get good results in a game!"
"Well, then don’t drink, boss. You go back to rest early. I have to go to see a movie with my wife later. For us, nightlife is just now! If you overslept one day, you must ask for a leave for my wife and don’t let my sister-in-law deduct her salary! " Dong Laoer smiled and said that Zhao Junzhu punched him and said, "I’m not married yet. Who’s your wife?"
"Just next month! No, it is! Sleep until you wake up naturally, then let’s go to the civil affairs bureau to register and get it first, and then the banquet can be held next month! Boss, remember to take a day off for help! " Dong Lao er hug Zhao Jun bamboo shoulder is very intimate tunnel
Zhao Junzhu blushed at once, and she was very excited. She didn’t expect Dong Laoer to be in such a hurry, but soon she was uneasy again. I don’t know if these words of Dong Laoer are drunk or not. What should I do if this guy wakes up one day and denies it?
Ye Qing seems to see Zhao Junzhu’s concern about Dong Laoer very seriously. "But you mean my certificate! God, if you are awake and don’t authenticate, you can’t. I will take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau! "
"Don’t worry, I’m awake now and I know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sure I’ll get the license one day. Just remember to ask for leave!" Dong second clap breast guarantee way
"Good must give her leave, then you continue to eat and I’ll go first." Ye Qing said and got up to go. Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu also got up quickly.
"Boss, if you walk slowly, come to me and let’s have a good drink!" Dong Lao Er smiled at Ye Qing Dao Ye Qing with a little excitement than an ok gesture and then left.
When I walked into the street, it was already dark and the lights were shining everywhere. The city that never sleeps had started a wonderful nightlife mode. Ye Qing felt that his stomach was a little bloated, so he didn’t stop the car and was about to return to the toilet. At this time, a black commercial car came up very quickly and a sudden brake stopped in front of him.
Before he could react, a few people jumped into the car and grabbed him. They stuffed him directly into the leaves of the car and drank the wine. The reaction was slow. Many roots failed to resist, and these people were good at catching others. After the car, two people respectively buckled his hands, making it difficult for him to move. Another person directly put a silencer pistol on his neck, which made him even more afraid to move.
This is not a game in which you may die even if you don’t blow your head off, and there is no chance of resurrection. Although you were suddenly caught, Ye Qing didn’t panic. He carefully analyzed who wanted to deal with him
Among his rivals, there are not many people who have the ability to dispatch so many people. Li Zhihao is obviously the most likely. Moreover, Li Zhihao was badly hit by Chu Yunmeng recently, and his position in the company was also extremely poor. Finally, after the resolution of the board of directors, he was expelled from the position of president, and a general manager could not keep him even his father.
Maybe Li Zhihao was desperate to find someone to directly deal with Ye Qing because of such a big blow. Ye Qing doesn’t know how Li Zhihao will dispatch so many people and even return his weapons at almost any cost.
You know, once a gun case is involved in China, it is a major case. Even if you put a gun into the air or kill a fly with this gun, it will be treated as a major case, and the conviction will certainly not be light.
Li Zhihao’s daring to use a gun is obviously reckless. Ye Qing feels that he may be run away this time. If Li Zhihao is ko, his future dreams will be dashed, and his two beautiful wives will enjoy the happiness of everyone. There will be no future.
Ye Qing didn’t speak all the way. He knew what he was asking. These guys couldn’t tell him. These are not ordinary kidnappers. Everyone is calm and definitely not the first time to reverse his conviction. Because no one has that kind of tension, it is very natural.
At first, the car flew smoothly all the way, but then it bumped. Ye Qing guessed that the car might have left the city and was driving on the country road, otherwise it would not have been so bumpy. The speed of the car also dropped. Ye Qing turned his head to look out of the window, only to find that the car windows were blocked by black curtains.
His mobile phone was also found by one of them when he was on the bus. Now it is very difficult for him to get his message out, and he doesn’t know where he is now and he has no chance to ask for help.
Although the situation is quite dangerous, Ye Qing still feels that he should not be in danger, because if the other party wants to kill him, he can kill him from the window gun when he comes in the street directly, and then leave the scene quickly. This case is very difficult to investigate.
You know, that pistol is equipped with a silencer. If it falls to the ground after being shot, it will take a long time to be discovered. Besides, some passers-by may even say that he is a drunk and may not pay attention to him.
Dong Laoer and Zhao Junzhu may only find him when they come out, but by then the murderer had already escaped. Since these people did not choose to kill him at that time, they said that their purpose was not to kill him, but to take him to a place.
He just closed his eyes and there was no need to guess. Anyway, all questions will be revealed when they arrive at their destination.
The rest of the car felt very strange, too. When people encounter this situation, they are bound to show a frightened expression. Why do they shout loudly and struggle constantly? But this person is not as calm as he is, so calm that he doesn’t say a word or make a sound.
The two men who buckled his hands have always been extremely energetic and dare not be careless, because they can feel the strong muscles of Ye Qing’s arms, which contain great power. If they are slightly negligent, this person may break away from their control, and no one knows what will happen then.
The gunman knew very well that he was ordered to take people there, not kill them, so his gun against Ye Qing’s neck was just a deterrent. He wouldn’t dare to shoot if Ye Qing struggled at this time.
Chapter 994 Imprisonment
When the car is driving through the night, you can hear the sound of the car pressing on the road. It feels bad that the cold gun is against the neck, but he can’t move either, because he is afraid that the gunman will be in trouble if he gets excited and pulls the trigger.
I don’t know how long it took before the car finally stopped. Ye Qing felt like it had been a century. It was simply a torment. After listening carefully, two people in front jumped out of the car and pulled the door, and then two people held Ye Qing and pushed Ye Qing. The gunman kept aiming at his head to make him dare not mess around.
Ye Qing looked around at the darkness and felt that he was in the middle of the wilderness. There was a stone piled up in front of him, and the roof of the farmhouse was covered with tiles, and the lights were on and people were walking.
Ye Qing feels a little strange. If Li Zhihao is the one who catches one of his own, why should he get himself here? Li Zhihao has too many properties, and it is not easy to be found if he intends to move himself to one place.
Look at the vast terrain here. It is obvious that the other party wants to prevent themselves from hiding and finding it hard to escape. They have chosen such a place, which has a broad view. If they escape, they can see him if they chase someone.
"Go in!" There was a man behind him who pushed the leaf and tilted it towards the door. The people behind him didn’t follow. Two people followed, including the gunman, who was wearing a black hood to show his eyes and nostrils. He didn’t pick it now. Obviously, he was quite vigilant.
After entering the house, Ye Qing observed the situation inside. This is a single room with no bedroom and no living room. It can be used as a living room or a bedroom. There is probably a simple light bulb that fell on the roof without decoration.
There is a ventilation window, but the window has been pasted with newspapers. There are three people in the room, one sitting in a wooden chair and the other two sitting in the chair behind them. That person is an acquaintance. Ye Qing saw this person and it was white. What happened?
The person sitting in the chair just keeps going to the coffee shop to send flowers to Su Yanbing. Now that Zhang Xuan has seen this guy, do you have to guess who is behind the scenes? It was Li Zhihao! Ye Qing bit his teeth. This guy is really getting more and more insane!
Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy when he looked at Ye Qing. "I’m a little upset that he is so intact in front of me. Do you want to give him some color?"
The two men behind him immediately went over, and the gunman pointed the gun at Ye Qing so that he didn’t dare to move. When they walked over, they knocked Ye Qing down with one punch and then punched Ye Qing and didn’t fight back. He knew that if he fought back, he might be beaten even harder, and if the other side had a gunman to fight back, even if he couldn’t kill himself, it would be quite painful for Ye Qing to shoot himself twice in his legs, but he didn’t want to spend half his life in a wheelchair.
"Stop!" Maybe I felt Japanese. Zhang Xuan raised his hand and shouted. The two men quickly stopped and walked back behind Zhang Xuan.
Ye Qing coughed and spit out one mouthful blood, then sat up and looked at Zhang Xuan’s smugness. He laughed. "You soft egg depend on many people, right?" Have the guts to fight the old man? Also said that fair competition is despicable! "
Zhang Xuan smell speech not anger against smile is very contemptuous tunnel "idiot! I really like that girl, don’t you? Yes, I admit that she looks very beautiful like a fairy, but I know I have no chance. I’m just following orders, you know! "
"Today you are obedience? Look at your boss is not a good bird. If you lose, you won’t care. What dirty tricks can make "Ye Qing disdain tunnel."
Zhang Xuan pinched a fist and said, "Don’t you know your situation now? Not beaten enough? "